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Looking for a builder in Pattaya? The new development boom with luxury pool villas and first class condominium construction design has started a great future. For the best in building design and turn-key projects contract MK Architects and Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd.

Long span villa

Builder with architecture and construction design in Pattaya

Until the end of Pandemic Covid-19, not many thought that the real estate market in Pattaya would start again. It was in early 2021 when the architect in Pattaya Mario Kleff made headlines with several new villa projects under construction.

Mario Kleff believed that the development of the 2500m2 Majestic Residence Villa on Phra Tamnak Hill was only the beginning and took his view through fresh architecture design for several other luxurious swimming pool villas with a project budget between $ 500,000 and 1.5 million.

As predicted, new residential projects came in fast and in different sizes. MK Architects created designs for 23 houses and pool villas in just one year. Since Mario Kleff is also a master builder in Pattaya, all buildings see construction done by his Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD.

Long span villa steel

Chinese investment for a new Eastern Economic Corridor development project in Pattaya in 2022

On Friday morning, July 8th 2022, a traditional Thai ceremony took place near the Lieb Tang Rodfai Road in Pattaya to celebrate the rise of eight pillars of a new Eastern Economic Corridor development project (EEC), where five luxury villas and a hotel are scheduled to be constructed. The real estate development was expanded with six new villas in the same location.

The architect responsible, Mario Kleff Signature, and his construction company Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD prepared the construction site for the celebration of the concrete pouring of the King and Queen Pillars. Mr Chanyut Hengtrakool, Former Secretary of the Minister of Education and other political members, took part in the celebration. Chanyut Hengtrakool opened the event with a blessing ceremony for the prosperity of the project under construction.

Long span villa almost complete

The Chinese investors, Mr Liu Wei and Mr Zhang Wei support Mario Kleff's approach of developing high-quality buildings to attract foreign buyers and have personally invested around 200 million Baht into his construction project Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas in Pattaya.

More luxury villas and condominium towers are planned in Pattaya in 2023

MK Architects are in discussion with several Foreign and Chinese investors and plan more luxury real estate developments in Na Kluea, on Phra Tamnak Hill, in Na Jomtien and around Mabprachan Lake. More information soon on this page.

Wandeegroup Asia offer a home building service in Pattaya, starting with a master plan, detailed architectural drawings, engineering and professional construction, including swimming pool and landscape. Interior work is carried out with high quality materials and qualified builders. The project is a turn-key solution.

Long span villa almost complete

Before you decide how to plan your villa, discover the design and construction hallmarks of MK Architects and Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. Builder Mario Kleff in Pattaya can do homes of exposed concrete, steel structure and brick.

The most important offer is Span - Mario Kleff is still building the longest span in residential buildings in Thailand. Let you build a house with a span of 60 m between the columns. If you want, Mario Kleff and his team from Wandee Super Span Co LTD can offer you a design for a cantilever up to 40 m, and build a house up in the sky with only one supporting column. Due to highly qualified technical skills, we claim that everything can be done.


Mario Kleff Signature offer world-class engineering skills, advanced technical backup and in-depth knowledge of design standards for any type of building. Our engineers are equipped with the most sophisticated design minds.