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Breaking Design Limits in Pattaya: Mario Kleff Success Story

Published in REm Magazine, 2009

In the dynamic realm of design and architecture, few have made as profound an impact in Pattaya as Mario Kleff. Seamlessly blending innovation with tradition, and challenging conventions with audacity, Kleff stands as a testament to the transformative power of visionary design. Delve into the journey of this mastermind, as he redefines the essence of modern Thai architecture, carves his niche in high-profile constructions, and unveils his ambitions for a future without boundaries.

Mario Kleff Success

From Wealth to Simplicity: Mario's Journey to Success

Original title: Why Wandeegroup is Consistently Successful

Build Pattaya, September 26, 2023

Mastermind behind Architectural Feats

From having the highest number of submitted construction designs in the region to creating the largest spans in Thai residential units, Mario has defied conventional norms. His designs, which seamlessly blend innovation and functionality, have earned him a place in the hearts of national and international clientele. And his footprint isn't restricted to Thailand. Mario has been tapped for creating architectural marvels in the USA, Russia, and Dubai.

Finding Himself through Thai Culture

But for Mario, real success isn't about his professional achievements. It's about a personal journey that began in 2002, when he chose to immerse himself in Thai culture. Trading his life of luxury for simplicity, Mario Kleff lived for two years without a roof, relying on the land and his ingenuity. Climbing coconut trees, building traditional boats, and learning the Thai language, he found unparalleled joy in the little things.

It was the best experience of my life, he shares. For him, success was in embracing the challenge, experiencing failures, and learning through them.

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Defining Success: An Insightful Conversation with Mario

When asked about the secret behind his impressive career trajectory, Mario attributes it to his innate ability.

I believe success is about your attitude and not the consequences of your actions, he says, emphasizing that success can't be taught. According to him, success is more about the contentment and happiness derived from achieving one's goals rather than winning or losing.

His unconventional perspective resonates: Only winners can lose, but that doesn’t mean losers can’t win. This balance between winning and losing, and the ability to find happiness in either, is what differentiates the truly successful from the rest.

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Mario Kleff, with his unyielding spirit and a unique definition of success, has shown that the road to accomplishment isn't always linear. From the streets of Pattaya to the high-rises of Dubai, his journey serves as an inspiration. In the face of adversity, with sheer determination and a deep understanding of oneself, anyone can rise and redefine success on their terms.

Success: A Deeper Insight with Mario Kleff of Wandeegroup

Success isn't always denoted with monetary affluence. Mario Kleff, despite amassing considerable wealth, elucidates that his motivation never stemmed from money. Instead, he emphasizes the realization of good ideas, achieving personal goals, and providing support to family and those who trust his leadership.

Being paid handsomely for my work doesn’t mean that I work for money, Kleff reflects, highlighting his drive to fulfill the aspirations of his clients, investors, and buyers. The ultimate goal isn’t just riches but the continued growth and evolution of Wandeegroup, where they constantly strive for higher levels of perfection in their offerings.

Evolution in Design and Construction

Mario paints a vivid picture of Wandeegroup's journey so far. By heavily investing in supercomputers, laser-cutting machines, and construction site machinery, the group has continuously upped their game in architectural designs. Kleff believes in overseeing projects personally, ensuring the finished product matches the original vision.

Kleff likens his philosophy on spending and wealth to savoring a glass of champagne. The ideology he imparts is to invest in value, which in turn brings wealth, rather than hoarding or being afraid to spend.

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Journey: From a Bamboo House to Leading Architectural Design

Mario’s narrative of building his first house in Thailand is a testament to his resilience and determination. Constructing it out of traditional bamboo and palm leaves wasn’t a straightforward task, especially for someone with master's degrees in design and architecture. However, his determination attracted local Thais, who were in awe of his work ethic and joined hands to assist him.

Design: The Keystone of Success

Why does Mario Kleff prefer to be called a designer over an architect? It's simple: design, to him, is the heart and soul of everything. He posits that success is inherent, an innate quality one possesses, and can't necessarily be learned. Mario says, The success of a company depends on the quality of its design.

Mario emphasizes the uniqueness of each project. Custom thinking is pivotal in design, and he stresses that you can't merely replicate a design for another client. He speaks of his training under a Japanese master designer and the depths he's dived into understanding design, blending physiology, religion, physics, and the philosophy of Zen.

In Conclusion

Mario Kleff's journey from a bamboo house builder to a leading figure in design and architecture is awe-inspiring. His profound insights into wealth, design, and success underscore his uniqueness in the architectural landscape. As the driving force behind Wandeegroup, Mario continues to push boundaries, aiming to offer unparalleled designs that resonate with his clients' aspirations and dreams.

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Consequences of Success

Profile and Public Perception

Mario Kleff has become a public figure in Pattaya, with frequent appearances in local media.
Despite some viewing him as arrogant or self-centered, he sees it as an opportunity to connect with people and show them the difference between mere talk and actual accomplishment.

Envy and Resentment

He believes envy is a natural human emotion, especially among foreigners trying to establish themselves in Thailand.
For Thais, he feels he's not taking anything away from them and actually contributes to the nation's development.

Achieving the Impossible

Mario has ventured into designing a supercar that many believe to be impractical due to its enormous power.
This project symbolizes his drive to manifest the impossible, underscoring his core belief in limitless achievement.

Growing Legacy and Work Volume

Despite his success, Mario keeps taking on more projects, pushing boundaries, and setting records in his field.
Projects like Wave condominium and Park Royal No 3 showcase his capability to deliver rapidly without sacrificing quality.

Upcoming Revelations and Projects

The next insights would explore Mario Kleff’s decision to adopt Thai nationality and his opportunity to design a landmark for the Thai Government.

Updates on his supercars, ongoing projects, advancements in 3D presentation technology, and more would be provided.


Mario Kleff's story paints a portrait of a man unyielding in his vision and commitment to design, a person who's not swayed by public opinion or traditional constraints. His career trajectory exemplifies the multifaceted consequences of success, from the admiration and envy of peers to the satisfaction of personal accomplishment.

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MK Mario Kleff

Construction & Architecture

In Pattaya City, architect Mario Kleff leads in building quality. From modern condominiums to ultra luxury villas, choose Wandeegroup Asia for unparalleled construction and innovation. For expert concrete post-tensioning Wandee Super Span Co Ltd.

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What drives Mario Kleff's success in Pattaya architecture?

His blend of traditional Thai aesthetics, modern design, and refusal to compromise.

How does Pattaya's ambiance influence Mario's designs?

He integrates Pattaya's cultural richness with contemporary demands, creating harmonious spaces.

What sets Mario apart from other architects in Pattaya?

His rapid, quality-driven project execution and bespoke, client-focused approach.

How does Mario Kleff navigate the pressures of his high-profile status?

By staying true to his vision and using attention as a bridge to connect and showcase work.