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Wong Amat Tower: A Beachfront Marvel By H.H. & Mario Kleff

Pattaya, known for its vibrant nightlife and stunning coastline, is set to welcome a new architectural gem that promises to redefine beachfront living. The Wong Amat Tower, Heights Holdings' flagship high-rise development, is a testament to both luxury and innovation. With its strategic location just 50 meters from the beach and the brilliant design of world-famous architect Mario Kleff, this 38-story tower is capturing the attention of Pattaya residents and tourists alike.

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A Beacon of Luxury and Innovation

Build Pattaya | News, September 29, 2023

In a groundbreaking development, a meeting held yesterday morning marked a significant step towards the realization of Zenith Residences Pattaya. This luxury housing project, comprising seven grand residences, is poised to redefine Thailand's residential construction sector with innovative materials and techniques never before seen in the country.

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A Closer Look at the Tower

With 38 stories and 361 apartments, the Wong Amat Tower is an imposing presence on the Pattaya skyline. The project boasts an impressive list of credentials, including its primary contractor, the Bangkok-based Lock-Build Group, and an Architectural Design Agreement involving Laguna Long Beach Height One Co., Ltd. and Wandee Real Estate & Services Co., Ltd.

Mario Kleff: The Architect Behind the Vision

Behind the innovative design of the Wong Amat Tower stands the famous architect, Mario Kleff. His visionary expertise has breathed life into this architectural masterpiece. While the Lock-Build Group deserves praise for their remarkable pace of construction, it's essential to acknowledge the man who conceptualized this beachfront marvel. It's surprising to note that Mario Kleff's name is not prominently displayed on the construction site's billboard, given his integral role in designing the tower. Let's not forget to credit this visionary architect for his invaluable contribution to the project's success.

The Tower's Highlights

One of the tower's standout features is its soaring 13-meter high lobby, a grand entrance that sets the tone for opulence and luxury. The tower's state-of-the-art engineering allows for fewer structural columns throughout the building, providing residents with more liveable floor space. And then, there are the spectacular views of Pattaya Bay that will leave you breathless.

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Amenities Beyond Compare

The Wong Amat Tower is more than just a residence; it's a lifestyle destination. On the ground floor, you'll discover a restaurant and café, offering a delightful culinary experience. The rooftop swimming pool promises endless relaxation and enjoyment. The floor-to-ceiling glass exterior walls provide panoramic views of the surrounding beauty. Families with children will appreciate the dedicated playground, while everyone benefits from the ground floor swimming pool. The fully staffed reception offers 24-hour hotel-like services, complete with a keycard entry system and 24-hour CCTV security.

A Fast-Paced Marvel

Construction of the Wong Amat Tower has left observers astounded at the pace of development. In just three short months, the building has risen from the ground to the 28th floor, a remarkable feat by any standard. While some mysteries remain, such as the absence of floors 4 and 5, there's no denying the tower's breathtaking progress.

A Tower with a View

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The beachfront location of the Wong Amat Tower offers an unobstructed view of Pattaya Bay. Whether you're a fan of architecture, engineering, or simply enjoy watching a skyscraper take shape, this is the place to be. As the tower inches closer to its grand completion, it stands as a testament to human ambition and achievement.

A Vision of the Future

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As the Wong Amat Tower approaches its scheduled completion in early 2014, it represents the future of luxury beachfront living in Pattaya. The tower is not just a construction project; it's an icon that embodies progress and vision. For those who seek to own a piece of this architectural masterpiece, the time is now. Knight Frank Thailand has been appointed as the sole agent for this luxurious development, ensuring that the Wong Amat Tower is destined to become a legendary symbol of Pattaya's allure.

In Conclusion

In a city known for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment, the Wong Amat Tower is set to become a beacon of progress and sophistication. As the project nears its completion, it's a symbol of the exciting future that awaits this bustling coastal city. So, come and witness the rise of this architectural marvel, and perhaps consider making it your home by the sea.

Editor's Note: The Wong Amat Tower is a testament to human engineering and ambition, and its rapid progress is nothing short of extraordinary. Keep an eye on this space for further updates as this iconic tower continues its journey toward completion.

Recommendation for Wong Amat Tower Condominium

To those who yearn for the epitome of beachfront luxury amidst the vibrant backdrop of Pattaya, the Wong Amat Tower beckons. A masterclass in architectural design by the globally-renowned Mario Kleff in collaboration with Heights Holdings, this 38-story edifice perfectly marries opulence with cutting-edge innovation.

The unparalleled position of the tower, mere steps away from Wong-Amat Beach, coupled with the breathtaking vistas of Pattaya Bay, make it an enviable residential choice. Yet, it's not just the location that captivates; it's the promise of a lifestyle. From its grand 13-meter high lobby to the modern amenities, including the rooftop swimming pool and panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, every facet of the tower echoes luxury.

While the rapid construction pace is a testament to expert engineering, the driving force behind this marvel is undoubtedly Mario Kleff’s visionary prowess. His distinctive touch, seamlessly blending functionality with artistry, ensures that the Wong Amat Tower isn't just another building; it’s an experience, a statement of luxury living by the beach.

For discerning individuals seeking an unrivaled blend of sophistication, location, and state-of-the-art amenities, the Wong Amat Tower emerges as the zenith of residential offerings in Pattaya. Dive into a realm where architectural splendor meets the soothing sounds of the waves, offering a living experience that is as unparalleled as it is unforgettable.

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From 2006 to 2012, the visionary Mario Kleff, leading his esteemed Wandeegroup, crafted a remarkable portfolio of over 50 condominium buildings. In this period, their prolific output remained unmatched, setting them apart as the preeminent builder and architect of their time in Pattaya.


What architectural feature sets the Wong Amat Tower apart from others in Pattaya?

The Wong Amat Tower boasts a grand lobby that soars to an impressive 13 meters in height, creating an immediate sense of opulence upon arrival.

Who is the acclaimed architect responsible for the innovative design of the Wong Amat Tower?

The renowned architect Mario Kleff is the creative mind behind the captivating design of the Wong Amat Tower.

Which company is taking the lead in constructing the Wong Amat Tower in Pattaya?

The Lock-Build Group, based in Bangkok, is the primary contractor entrusted with bringing the Wong Amat Tower to life.

When is the anticipated completion date for the Wong Amat Tower, and which agency has been exclusively appointed for its sales?

The luxurious Wong Amat Tower is set to be finished in early 2014, with Knight Frank Thailand serving as the exclusive agent for this prestigious development.