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Mario Kleff: An Architect-Star Beyond Grand Titles

Published in REm Magazine, 2010

Pattaya's skyline radiates with the brilliance of Mario Kleff's designs. While labeled an 'international star architect'—a designation Mario ascribes to Heights Holdings' aggressive marketing—he has genuinely made his mark with Wandeegroup.

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From Humble Beginnings to Architectural Mastery

Build Pattaya | News, October 12, 2023

In the realm of architecture, Mario Kleff stands out, not due to inflated titles but for his genuine work. Even though some of his international endeavors in Dubai, Moscow, and New York garnered attention, they were halted within a year. Yet, Mario's innovative architectural footprint in Pattaya truly solidifies his reputation. Beyond the labels, he is an Architect-Star, where deeds speak louder than words. Here's an insight into Mario Kleff’s authentic journey.

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A Candid Conversation with Mario Kleff: Pioneering New Architectural Frontiers

Interview by Uli Kaiser

Venturing Beyond Established Grounds

  • Uli Kaiser (UK): Mario, your move into development is intriguing. What catalyzed this transition?

Mario Kleff (MK): While Wandeegroup remains unwavering in its core services, venturing into our projects is an organic extension of our capabilities.

  • UK: How do you anticipate your clients will perceive this shift?

MK: I envision our clientele observing our new undertakings keenly, eventually benefiting from our expanded portfolio.

  • UK: Can you shed some light on the upcoming projects and their launches?

MK: Our pipeline includes condominium projects, a hotel, and some residential properties, all slated for unveiling in the coming months. As for the locations, let's keep that under wraps for now—it's a part of our strategic launch.

  • UK: How will your projects distinguish themselves in this saturated market?

MK: The distinction begins with the backing of our investors, who have shown immense trust in our vision. Their upfront investment enables us to simultaneously launch and construct projects. With a target completion of just 12 months, we aim to redefine industry norms. Moreover, there will be no dilution in quality—only enhancements. Our vision is to offer unmatched quality within the stipulated budget, ensuring patrons receive unparalleled value.

  • UK: Given the existing competition, are there apprehensions about introducing more condos?

MK: Our offerings will distinctly stand out—in design, construction quality, market readiness, and affordability. Instead of contending with other developers in Pattaya, my goal is to redefine the blueprint for success. This way, everyone can draw benefits and elevate their future endeavors.

  • UK: Regarding sales, will you collaborate with real estate agents or have a direct approach?

MK: Collaborating with local real estate agents is indispensable. However, it's crucial they resonate with our high standards. Our developments symbolize premium offerings, and the marketing strategies should mirror that ethos.

  • UK: If this venture proves successful, what's the roadmap ahead?

MK: Beyond immediate projects, I'm enthusiastic about city planning and urban development. While there are discussions and commissions regarding the future of Pattaya and the Chonburi region, the actualization will span years. Pattaya is destined to evolve beyond just tourism—it'll burgeon as a dynamic city with a thriving business ecosystem. This will mandate diversified infrastructure, from office spaces to shopping centers. I've been actively engaged in dialogues at both local and national levels. My commitment to Pattaya's progression is unwavering.

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The Evolution of Wandeegroup

In Pattaya, Wandeegroup, under Mario’s guidance, has carved a niche in architecture, engineering, and construction. His novel designs, both local and global, especially the Park Royal Series and W-Tower by Heights Holdings, are true reflections of his artistry.

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Redefining Development Dynamics

More than creating structures, Mario's mission is to uplift industry norms. Disheartened by other developers' inability to deliver on promises, he pinpointed systemic flaws. His commitment to quality led him to ensure projects were fully funded from inception, ensuring a top-tier product.

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Mario’s Odyssey: From Humble Abodes to Architectural Wonders

  • 2002: Showcasing adaptability, Mario built a bamboo house in Bangkok’s outskirts.
  • 2004: Pattaya witnessed the inception of MIN design, offering avant-garde architectural and engineering solutions.
  • 2005: Wandeegroup was founded, encompassing architecture, engineering, real estate, and construction.
  • 2006: Mario's influence expanded across Thailand with a plethora of villa and resort designs.
  • 2007: Innovations continued with the establishment of a 3D design studio equipped with high-performance computers
  • 2008: Mario pioneered the cellular beam construction technique in Thailand.
  • 2009: Garnering global attention, Mario undertook projects in illustrious cities such as Dubai, Moscow, and New York, though they were eventually paused.
    Editors note: Additionally, while it was previously reported that Mario received Thai Citizenship that year, it should be clarified that he had only submitted the application form at that time.

Beyond Conventional Narratives: Mario's Remarkable Journey

Differing from typical success stories, Mario's venture into Thailand post a successful German stint epitomizes resilience. Starting with a bamboo dwelling and selling coconut drinks, he soared to gain international architectural acclaim. Additionally, his diverse talents span from designing cutting-edge PCs to customizing motorbikes and conceptualizing the world's fastest street car.

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In Summation

More than an architect, Mario Kleff embodies innovation, vision, and leadership. As he positions himself to transform property development, the world keenly anticipates his next move. His methods might seem audacious, but his accomplishments are undeniable. The architectural world awaits the next wave of brilliance from this stellar designer.

MK Mario Kleff

Construction & Architecture

In Pattaya City, architect Mario Kleff leads in building quality. From modern condominiums to ultra luxury villas, choose Wandeegroup Asia for unparalleled construction and innovation. For expert concrete post-tensioning Wandee Super Span Co Ltd.

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Why is Mario Kleff often referred to as an 'Architect-Star' rather than an 'international star architect'?

While Mario Kleff's designs have garnered international attention, the title of 'international star architect' is mainly attributed to Heights Holdings' aggressive marketing. However, Mario's genuine contributions, primarily through Wandeegroup in Pattaya, make him an Architect-Star, emphasizing his real accomplishments over a marketing-driven title.

How has Wandeegroup impacted the architectural landscape of Pattaya?

Under Mario Kleff's guidance, Wandeegroup has significantly shaped Pattaya's skyline. Their mark is evident in various high-rises and condominiums, especially prominent projects like the Park Royal Series and W-Tower. Wandeegroup's designs stand as a testament to innovative architectural and engineering solutions in Pattaya.

What sets Mario Kleff's developmental projects apart from others in a saturated market?

Mario's approach to development is unique. He gains upfront investment from his investors, allowing simultaneous project launch and construction. With a target completion of just 12 months, he aims to redefine industry standards. Furthermore, his commitment is to deliver unmatched quality, ensuring patrons receive unparalleled value for their investment.

With a strong foundation in architecture, how does Mario Kleff envision the future of Pattaya in urban development?

Mario is enthusiastic about city planning and urban development. He sees Pattaya evolving beyond just a tourist destination, transforming into a dynamic city with a thriving business community. This vision includes the need for diverse infrastructure, from office spaces to shopping centers, and Mario is actively engaged in dialogues at both local and national levels to support this transformation.