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The Luminary Legacy of Mario Kleff: Japanese House II

A Seamless Blend of Innovation and Aesthetic

Perched on Phra Tamnak Hill in Pattaya is the architectural marvel - the Japanese House II. This Mario Kleff trademark villa stands as a testament to his innovative vision and unparalleled craftsmanship, a construction by Wandeegroup.

Japanese House II 01

Design Philosophy Behind Japanese House II:

When Functionality Meets Elegance

MK Mario Kleff, December 17, 2022

The mandate was clear: create a unique, secure structure that mirrors the tranquility of the ocean it overlooks. Mario Kleff's ingenuity led to a design devoid of ground-floor windows, an embodiment of security. With towering walls, mammoth columns, and an edifice occupying the entire plot, the blueprint reflected profound inspiration from the Japanese script symbolizing 'home'.

Japanese House II 02

The Genesis of Japanese House Series:

Unfolding an Architectural Trilogy

Japanese House II is the second marvel in a series, and like its siblings, it carries the hallmark of Kleff's innovative techniques and unparalleled craftsmanship. Every inch of this structure reveals the architect's dedication to creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Japanese House II 03

Artistry Beyond the Walls:

Interior Grandeur and Design Choices

Inside, the house tells a different story. Boasting a basement parking, a living room, 5 bedrooms, and a plethora of amenities, every corner reflects a blend of brutalist architecture with Thai contemporary touches. Yet, while the exterior is purely Kleff's vision, the interiors carry the personal touch of the homeowner, adding a unique personality to the house.

Japanese House II 04

The Evolution of Japanese House II:

From Concept to Reality

Japanese House II 05

Deriving inspiration from the Japanese word for "home", Mario Kleff envisioned a foundation that would be both sturdy and symbolic. Challenges, like the substitution of the iconic Sakura tree with a Thai Flame tree, added layers of complexity, yet the final product stood firm, echoing the ethos of Japanese aesthetics.

Japanese House II 06

Choosing the Right Materials:

Engineering Mastery in Play

High-grade steel and concrete form the backbone of the Japanese House II. This choice not only ensured longevity but also allowed for creativity in the face of limitations, such as the lack of access to post-tensioning technology at the time.

Japanese House II 07


Defining Modern Architectural Brilliance

Japanese House II transcends the mere concept of a dwelling. It emerges as an epitome of architectural eloquence, reflecting Mario Kleff's relentless pursuit of perfection. Each element, each intricate detail, speaks volumes of his commitment to redefining architectural norms. As one embarks upon the journey inside, it's not merely the entry into a house, but an immersion into a rich tapestry of innovation, meticulous design, and fervent passion. It stands not just as a testament to Kleff's genius but as an enduring beacon of what's possible when creativity knows no bounds.

Recommendation for Japanese House II

For anyone with an appreciation for architectural magnificence and innovative design, the Japanese House II by Mario Kleff is an absolute must-visit. Located atop Phra Tamnak Hill in Pattaya, this masterpiece seamlessly marries functionality with elegance, and stands as a testament to Kleff's unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative vision.

Drawing profound inspiration from the Japanese script symbolizing 'home', every inch of this establishment reveals a meticulous attention to detail. From its exterior, which reflects profound security measures devoid of ground-floor windows, to its interiors that boast a harmonious blend of brutalist architecture and Thai contemporary design, the house is both an experience and a narrative.

Moreover, the choice of high-grade steel and concrete as its backbone not only speaks of the structure's longevity but also showcases engineering mastery, especially given the constraints faced during its construction.

In conclusion, whether you're an architecture enthusiast, a design aficionado, or simply someone seeking inspiration, the Japanese House II is a vivid testament to the power of dedication, innovation, and passion. It isn't merely a house; it's an architectural journey, an experience, and most importantly, a legacy of Mario Kleff's brilliance.

The Japanese House II stands adjacent to the Life Beach Residence, another architectural design crafted by Mario Kleff.

MK Mario Kleff

Construction & Architecture

In Pattaya City, architect Mario Kleff leads in building quality. From modern condominiums to ultra luxury villas, choose Wandeegroup Asia for unparalleled construction and innovation. For expert concrete post-tensioning Wandee Super Span Co Ltd.

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Who is the architect behind the Japanese House II in Pattaya?

Mario Kleff.

Where is the Japanese House II located?

On Phra Tamnak Hill in Pattaya.

Which company constructed the Japanese House II?

Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd.

What unique design element is the Japanese House II known for?

Its minimalist structure inspired by the Japanese script symbolizing 'home'.